Monaco: a 'manufacture' building built in Fontvieille

Posté mer 30/08/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

Almost a 5 billion franc turnover! This is what the Monegasque industry reached in 1999 in activities like cosmetic, pharmacology, chemistry, electronic components manufacturing, etc…Right in the middle of the town, over a territory covering less than 200 hectares (half of the city of Cannes). The Principality wants to continue the works of this industrial development which was built essentially from Fontvieille. The State of Monaco then decided to invest 60 million francs in the construction of a new industrial building in the area just at the place of 'Ruche Vulcain' building dating from the 50s.This building will develop a vertical concept of manufacture: delivered in 2002, it will have 7 floors of 1,200 m² each, with a 3,5 meters ceiling to allow the installation of tools and machines. It has been planned to fit up in the lower ground floor a 2,300 m² wharehouse dedicated to the tenant firms. Lorries will have an access to the zone, and unloading wharves are planned and goods lifts will deliver goods and raw materials until superior floors. Two firms have already booked one third of the building (rent about 800FF a meter square). Some other industrial buildings would be built till 2010 on the former sites of the SNCF.

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