Monaco : MCSat soon on the screens

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In April 1999, the new TV channel of Monaco was making its debut on the cable network of the Principality. Some time in October, it will launch its program schedule…

'Lifestyle' and 'glamour' are generally the words to qualify Monte Carlo Sat, the cabled channel of Monaco. They represent well the reality of the channel and the will of Max Biasol, manager of programs. We wanted to be the reflection of this magical and mysterious world that the Principality symbolizes', he underlines. The idea was to offer viewers a concept that didn't exist before in the satellite panorama : the glamor, closely linked to the image of Monaco. 'The channel created last year will be officially launched some time in October. Thanks to MCSAT Telediffusion, it will broadcast programs dedicated to the lifestyle. MCSAT productions will focus their activity on conception and creation of top-programs. The company will also broadcast products created by third parties among which there will be quality documentaries. The channel want to be highly interactive.'Luxury' and 'lifestyle' will also be dealt with on an Internet server. MCSAT.COM will be in charge of it. The server will update the public's knowledge on the matter and will offer an access to various services as well as the possibility to watch shows listed according to their demand. In addition to that, will make it possible to buy in the shops of the Principality without going out.Broadcast in English and ItalianBroadcasted via 'Hotbird 5' satellite, MC Sat is watched in Italy among others, where it is provided in the package of 'D+canal 125' and 'Stream canal 150'. In France, it is on TPS. 'We cover a zone from Portugal to Russia. We are also broadcasting in Northern Africa and the Near-East (Iran and the United Arab Emirates)'.At the moment, the channel broadcasts experimental programs, the program schedule should be working some time in October.MCSat has integrated the cosmopolitanism of the Principality and broadcasts in the languages the most used : Italian, English and of course, French. ' As a matter of fact, we need a team of professional journalists who have a good ability for these languages. For now, twenty-six people work for the channel and with the new schedule, we may recruit ', says Rita Togni, artistic director.The channel will also focus on young people, with the launching of new program concepts. Two programs on independant cinema, the young cinema and video are under way. Moreover, a program on extreme sports is being prepared. Pierre Orson, stuntman, and Rita Togni will be in charge of this program that will be untitled 'Mission Impossible'.MCSatluxury.Com is under way'By the end of the year, we have decided to set up an e-mail shop on the Web via the TV network', says Max Biasol. This co-company will allow subscribers of the channel to do their shopping on-line within the Principality and benefit from interesting prices.Here again, the dream and glitter effect was used at least in the selected name : For now, cabled television hasn't got subscribers yet. However, it works in partnership with about twenty shopkeepers, who support initiative and will provide content.'ContactsMCSat. 7, rue du Gabian-Monaco. Tel: 00.377.

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