Monaco :Merck wants to push Theramex

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Merck wants to support Theramex. The German pharmaceutical and chemical group which has finalized the acquisition of the Monegasque laboratory Theramex, intends to double the laboratory's turnover within five years. The turnover would pass from 632 million francs in 1998 to more than 1.5 billion francs in 2005 (230million euros). In order to achieve it, Merck intend to internationalise the products of this laboratory specialized in gynaecology. Thus the exports should pass from 15% in 1998 to 40% in 2005. Among Theramex's assets, several molecules in hormonotherapy and in cancerology will be very useful for Merck.11-05-1999 : the Theramex laboratory is taken overIn the great turmoil that is now shaking the pharmaceutical industry, the French Riviera has not been left behind. Thus, the Theramex laboratory, one of the greatest Monegasque company (500 employees, a turnover of 632 million in 1998), is about to be taken over by the German group Merck (the takeover will be effective late November). Theramex is specialized in gynaecology from hormonotherapy. Its products are active in the fields such as contraception, menopause treatment, breast cancers, dermatology, immunology, cancerology. Settled in Monaco in 1972 after being founded by Paul Hamel in 1952, the laboratory is remained private and independent. The buyer, Merck-Lipha is the French subsidiary of the german Merck whose office is in Darmstadt. A powerful group : a turnover of more than 7 billion francs(1.7 billion euros) and more than 4.000 collaborators in the world. The takeover should allow Merck-Lipha to strengthen the gynaecology. Theramex in Monaco, which François Rougaignon will keep the presidency, will become a 'woman's health pole'.

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