Monaco: more than 2.000 searchers to cure the Mediterranean sea

Posté mar 25/09/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

More than 2.000 searchers, academicians and specialists of the Mediterranean sea take part in the 36th congress of the International commission for the scientific exploration of the Mediterranean sea (C.I.E.S.M) at the Grimaldi Forum of Monaco, since Monday and until Friday September 28th. Founded by Albert 1st in 1919, this intergovernmental body gathers twenty two members states. The objective is to promote research for the protection of the sea ecosystem. During these five Monegasque days, they will tackle most of the current themes linked to the sea environment: changes of the Mediterranean fauna because of the Caulerpa taxifolia alga; the role of the sea microbial life in the alimentary chain and in exchanges between atmosphere and ocean; extreme sea environments and protected sea zones, etc.ContactWebsite: www.ciesm.orgEntrance fee: Normal tariff (for the whole week): 1.500 F; Students: 500 F.

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