Monaco pays tribute to Jacqueline Berti

Posté mar 06/11/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Monaco payed tribute to Jacqueline Berti, manager of the principality’s press centre for 13 years. She passed away last October 28th, at 59, as a result of a long illness., Monaco’s portal, reminds Jacqueline Berti,’s carreer, beginning as teacher of French at the “collège de l'Annonciade”, and then became the director of the press department for the government of Monaco. At the head of this department, she particularly set up a powerful IT tool, managed the project of a local TV channel “Monaco à la Une". Her last big work was to move the press centre into new premises on the quai Antoine 1er. Everybody reminds her as a kind-hearted and cultivated person. The whole city of Monaco was present for her funeral (see article of, "the Principality pays tribute to Jacqueline Berti").

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