Monaco Telecom on a mission in Kosovo

Posté mer 01/08/2001 - 00:00
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The Monegasque operator, now in partnership with Cegetel, will ensure the establishment as well as the running of a GSM network in Kosovo which will use the 377, the international code of Monaco.

In order to phone in Kosovo, you will have to dial 377. It is the same international code than Monaco. What is the reason? It is Monaco Telecom which was chosen to set up and run a GSM network in Kosovo. This mission was given by the JCC (Joint civil Commisssion), for the reconstruction in Kosovo.Monaco Telecom was also given in charge the marketing, the maintenance of technical equipments and the transmission of the savoir-faire by the UNMIK (Interim mission of United Nations in Kosovo) and the PTK (telecommunication operator in Kosovo). On the long run, it is planned that the PTK will replace the Monegasque operator.Since the PTK doesn't own an international code, Monaco Telecom will give them its code available, the 377, its roaming tuning, with international mobile operators and its international transit platform. The network will be made up with Alcatel's equipments, for the telecommunication part as well as the bill part.The satellite antennas there as well as the satellite links which are necessary for the routing of communications will be owned by Monaco Telecom. The network should have a capacity of 30,000 lines by the end of March 2000. A second step plans a progressive extension to 100,000 lines. It isn't the first operation in the Balkans for Monaco Telecom, which ranks as a global telecommunication operator for the international. It was already present there, and particularly in Bosnia.

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