Motor industry: Ventury has been bought by a Monegasque man

Posté mer 06/09/2000 - 00:00
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Gildo Pallanca Pastor does not think about launching the French Ferrari like his predecessors were thinking. He will build according to the demand, each year about 15 up-market sportscars.

The Monegasque man Gildo Pallanca Pastor has been known from now on in France as one of the specialists in start-up financing. His book 'Business Angels, une solution pour financer les start-up' (Business Angels, a solution to finance start-ups), published in association with Jean-Paul Cailloux and François Cazalas is considered as a reference. But the young heir of the Pastor family (33 years old) does not only theorize. As an amateur racing driver, he had already invested in motor industry (with Bugatti) and has just bought for 1.5 million francs the French sportscars manufacturer Venturi which had gone into liquidation last January.Created in 1984, Venturi had dreamed about creating in its manufacture near Nantes a car which would have been the French equivalent to Ferrari or Porsche. But within fifteen years, the total outputs did not exceed 700 vehicles sold between 400 and 700,000 francs each, while the constructor ran out to participate to car competitions (Le Mans, F1, international rallies). Gildo Pallanca Pastor does not want to renew the challenge of building a French Ferrari. He will build up-market sportscars according to the demand.He has already sold a part of the manufacture tools and machines and what is left will be driven onto the French Riviera. Cars assembling will be done near Nice, where spare parts will be stocked. The registered office and all the commercial offices of the firm Venturi will be settled in Monaco. The objective is to manufacture about 15 cars each year.

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