Municipal elections in Cannes : the surveys war

Posté mar 20/02/2001 - 00:00
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The surveys war has a particular impact on Cannes, a so called 'open' town. In the Saturday February 17th edition, Nice-Matin has published a survey realised by Arch. According to this survey, 34% of people would vote for Bernard Brochand (a RPR candidate), 23% for Gilles Cima (UDF). The other candidates are far away behind : 11% for Appoline Crapiz (alliance of diverse left parties), 10% for Albert Peyron (FN). And, Lionnel Luca, the mayor of Villeneuve-Loubet, a candidate in Cannes for the RPF, would be lag behind since he would receive 7% of votes, which is less than Charles Giscard d'Estaing (DVD) with 8% and a little bit more than the pensioners' candidate, René Raullo, with 6%.Those who are badly ranked refuse the survey method in particular (the question asked to people was firstly about who they would choose between the two challengers, Bernard Brochand and Gilles Cima). At the Forville market, where every weekend the candidates at the municipal elections are showing themselves, those who are badly ranked would be in favour of a BVA-TF1 survey which would tighten up the gap between candidates. Then, Bernard Brochand would only be credited with 23%, Gilles Cima with 18%, but Lionnel Luca with 13%. Information or brainwashing ? To be continued.

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