Myths and realities of the ASP (Application Service Provider)

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Rent software via the Net, why not? But what are the drawbacks for companies? The DataBase Forum, which takes place at the Ceram on March 23rd, opens the debate on the ASP.

ASP: it is the new magic word in the software industry. When you rent the Application Service Provider, you don't have to buy the software, and you will pay according to your use. But what are the drawbacks for the company? How does its staff in computers should change? So many questions which will be dealt with at the meeting of the DataBase Forum, on March 23rd, at 8.30 AM at the Ceram of Sophia Antipolis on the ASP: myths and realities (see programme).The example of Microsoft.NetAn ASP administers all or part of the software packages and computers services from a Web hosting centre out of the direct control of the company. Via the Internet or a closed network like Intranet, its provides software in the form of on-line services to distant users. The company which uses it, is often billed on their use of the computing solutions rather than on their application or maintenance costs.On-line software available via an Application Service Provider can then be an economic solution for the cost of ownership for computing equipment: no initial investment, no problems for the implementation, no constant maintenance, and the end of the constraints of the updating of the equipment and software. The ASP offers to the customer a solution to focus on its core job. But does this have drawbacks?Companies, which are the pionneers in the use of this solution like Nortel Networks can then give their point of view about it. Moreover, professionals will contribute in order to precise the approaches, tools and strategies of the important actors on the market: Sevina, Intersystems, Completel, IMCN. Monaco Telecom will give the telecom operators' point of view and their actions to support this way to operate.On the other hand, at the end of the morning, another example will come in conclusion: Microsoft will present more accurately what the 'Net' generic tag hides with a session untitled 'Microsoft.NET or the software as a service'.ContactRegistrations: Agnès DAEMS - Tel./Fax : 04 92 94 59 41

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