Nakednews : the American website shocking the research centre

Posté mer 14/02/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

We can say it straight away : /">Nakednewsis of a very bad form. The address is going through the whole research centre since last week and is the example of the excesses of the Web in the competition for the audience. The concept of the website is crude : the announcer of the TV news like CNN (there is a possibility to choose among four young women), is stripping as the news go by, to end up the news completely naked.This obviously gives a vision of the news that doesn't fail to shock according to the news of the day. The announcer, for example, will take off her shirt while announcing the massive lay-offs in the United States, then, her bra while speaking of the hundred thousands deaths caused by the earthquake in India to end up without her knickers while dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian tragedy. Furthermore, if we add that the news bulletin is in English, we won't believe the ones saying that they click on nakednews only to watch the news.

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