Names of domain : the .tv marketed in France

Posté mar 28/11/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

If you have the will to launch a Web TV of proximity, you can be interested in a new suffix for names of domain : the 'dot' tv. The Dot TV company is marketing it in France for a few days after having launched it in North America and in Great Britain. It's not a matter of a so called generic suffix (.com, .net, .org) compared to national suffixes (.fr for France, .it for Italy, for instance). Dot TV has signed an exclusive right agreement with the State of Tuvalu, a very small island of 26 km2 in the South Pacific, and whose 'national' suffix has the distinctive figure of declining in .tv. That's particularly interesting for all of Web TV of the world.On the French Riviera, it's too late for '' already picked by a Web TV in Cannes. But was still available (on November 28th 2000 at 12 AM), nevertheless for the price of $1.750 a year. Less expensive and also available was the site /"> Dot TV, which simply proposes '', '', '', for the price of $50 a year or even ''…

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