Napster: the take over is now done (Le Monde)

Posté lun 12/11/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Napster is not Napster anymore. A fierce judicial battle against the powerful American music industry won over the pioneer of the MP3 file-sharing on the Net. However, other peer to peer systems ensure the take over such as FastTrack and Gnutella. FastTrack has particularly allowed the grow in power of free music file-sharing websites such as KaZaA, MusicCity et Grokster, etc. Le Monde, in the article "Napster, FastTrack, Gnutella… The file-sharing on the Net in in good health " mentions that these "websites face a growing success and could even become more popular than Napster soon", taking up Webnoize's estimations, an American statistics company on the Internet.And if FastTrack, such as Napster, faces a legal battle, Le Monde notes that "This expected victory will not change much for the audio, images and video file-sharing on the Internet. Indeed, other "peer to peer "file-sharing systems which are free software, such as Gnutella, will remain unchallengeable in legal matters". The Napster concept can still be online for now…

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