Net: banks in Monaco apply for a '.fin'

Posté mar 10/10/2000 - 00:00
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If France is not present in the opening of new cyber world fields, on the contrary, Monaco applied for the management of a group of names '.fin', like finance.

Monaco and its banks are more and more interested in the Internet. Thus, the association of Monaco banks launched in the great adventure of Icann proposals (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), which was worldwide opened on September 5th 2000.To avoid extreme speculation on site names (on the web, sites propose '', '', '', between 2 and 6 million dollars, only for the name purchase), the Icann has tried to create new suffixes. This international body, which manages the address system, has chosen the competition of ideas, which was closed at the beginning of October.None French firm or body is among the proposal makers. The only initiative came from Monaco. The ABM proposed a '.fin', like finance (same concept than '.com' for commerce, '.net', like internet, '.org' for organization and all the national suffixes: '.uk', '.fr', and maybe '.eu' within the end of the year).The registration of a proposal was joined to an application to the management of a names group (it would be the international management of '.fin' site names, for example). This explains why the Icann had demanded a 50,000 $ check, impossible to take back, to be given before each proposal. This obligation gave more importance to proposals, above all in Monaco.On the Icann site at TDL Applications Lodged (TDL: Top Level Domain, is the name given by specialists to suffixes), the real list of October 6th of all the proposals. The result will be given, at the end of the year. The Icann has to select about 10 proposals among the 200 received…

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