A new economy club in La Gaude

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Following the example of Sophia Start-Up, a new association was created around the e-business City launched by IBM. First presentation, in April 27 for a conference.

It is not only in Sophia that the new economy is booming. IBM in la Gaude developed a new concept of e-business city. Big blue actually opened some of its premises (9,000 m²) for start-ups. NGset and P&Pactitude, the first ones recently settled there.Thus, it is no surprise that the new economy Club created in March 14 2000 has as a founder IBM. The Club is presided by Christian Poujardieu (IBM La Gaude manager and new president of the GIMECA, the strong union for iron and steel industry of the French Riviera; he is succeeding Jacques Le Guillerm). The president insists on the fact that it is not about a pure IBM association. 'We launched last October the association PMI Sud that gathers together all the project managers and this association made enter a maximum of people coming from all other companies settled South East.''Same thing for the new economy club. Our aim is to supply with a place where company managers who are working into the new economy and in e-business can meet. It is not a start-up club even if some young firms will be in. But some huge groups also are working into the new economy and will take part in the club life. The object of our club is to give a meeting place where conferences and discussions will occur, for firm managers interested in new economy.'The first public meeting will take place in April 27 at 6:00 pm inside amphitheatre 120 of IBM La Gaude called e-business City. Jean-Louis Descharreaux, official representative at the sides of the IBM France CEO, will make a conference about the publication of the book he wrote : 'Le modèle Clients-Savoir' (Clients & how to do with model), Dunod editions. Cutting of cycles, technologies boom, global economy: this is according to this statement about third millennium economy that Jean-Louis Descharraux explains how organisations have now to adapt to face two revolutions: clients' and knowledge's.For him three axes are priorities: 'client as a king, mobilize knowledge and abilities, of individuals and of groups to imagine, propose and give innovating and adapted solutions, put in service evolving infrastructures based on information and communication new technologies'. About 40 firm managers and academics already joined the new club.Contacts:Tel: or

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