A new speeding-up for Business Lab

Posté ven 16/06/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

Here are some news about Business Lab. The 'web agency' launched in 1998 by two students of the Ceram, was at the origin of the webcamers of the Printemps, and in the wake, it had realised the Tf1.fr site, among others.As Toutsurlacom.com has announced it, Business Lab has just started a new speeding-up, as it has created a joint-venture with Europeoffering.com, 'a site that is an expert in the new economy financing via floatation and the promotion on Internet of specialized investment funds'. The resulting entity, called Europe Business Offering, 'aims at the merger-acquisition of websites and at the accompaniment of the outside developments of more traditional groups. It deals with a diversification for the Business Lab 'rocket'…

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