A new trio at the head of the Festival de Cannes

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Two nominations to help president Gilles Jacob in the management of the International Movie Festival: Véronique Cayla, a CSA member and Thierry Frémaux, director of the Lumière Institute in Lyon.

From now on, the new team which will lead the Festival de Cannes was achieved. Two nominations were made on October 4th during the Board of Directors meeting: Véronique Cayla, 50, member of the CSA, became CEO and Thierry Frémaux, 40, director of the Lumière Institute in Lyon, became the artistic delegate. 'A trio to lead the Festival', Gilles Jacob, president of the International Movie Festival said.The setting up of the team was difficult. The relay between Pierre Viot and Gilles Jacob was made easily but the one with the artistic delegate was on the contrary very difficult. Last April a little clash appeared with the quick departure of Olivier Barrot who had to take the position of the artistic delegate, a strategic position since the delegate is in charge of selecting the movies.Around the president, Véronique Cayla and Thierry Frémaux will have to do the different tasks formerly assumed by the main delegate. Véronique Cayla will do administrative management, relationship with the institutions, and with partners. She replaces François Erlenbach, who was the IMF secretary general for 10 years. He will give the relay in 2001 at the time of the Festival.Thierry Frémaux, a movie fan, will be in charge of selecting the movies and will work in the 'editorial line fixed by Gilles Jacob, who will not go and see the movies anymore'. Thierry Frémaux will continue to manage the Lumière Institute presided by the moviemaker Bertrand Tavernier. Next Festival de Cannes from May 9th to 20th 2001.

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