Newlogic presents its Bluetooth prototype in Monaco

Posté mer 14/06/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

The Sophipolitan firm Newlogic took advantage of the meeting Bluetooth 2000 in Monaco to show Boost, an immediate system dedicated to chips makers for wireless applications. Two computers are fitted out with a prototype using the Bluetooth switchboard and though can communicate cordless. One of the PCs was fitted out with a music application and using the keys of the PC it is possible to hear the music throughout the other one.At the same time, Newlogic which has not been in Sophia for long has just sold its first license. It was bought by Vaishali semiconductor, a US firm working in telecommunication and which plans to integrate the chip developed in the technopole for cellular phones or Palm Pilot or even to make possible the communication between several PCs.

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