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The Silicon Sentier, Ceram, Tocamak, Sun will be at the 11th meeting of the club launched by Fondation Sophia Antipolis, the meeting will take place at Ceram, on Nov. 13 at 6:00 pm.

The 11th meeting of the Club Sophia Start-up will be about incubators. It will take place on Nov. 13, from 6:00 pm at Ceram, Sophia Antipolis, Amphi 137 (60, rue Dostoievski). The participants will be Jacques Perrin, Ceram's manager and Michel Bernasconi, teacher responsible for the section Entrepreneurship High Tech of the Ceram. The Sophia Antipolis trade school launched an incubator for students.Other contributors: Jean-Marie Hullot, responsible for Tocamak strategy; Jean Ferré, president of Silicon Sentier; Mr. Valloton from HPI Holding SA, a Swiss investor; Olivier Depraz, responsible for the Incubateur Entreprise program of Sun.Several participants will make a speech to present a project, a firm or an association. Some of them: Master Khan, Khan et Associated (Paris and Sophia); Gérard Bonnes, he will speak about the European project 'highest'; Franco Malerba, president of the Club 'Genova Start-up', which Sophia Antipolis will sign a partnership agreement with, on Nov. 10 in Genova.Contacts:Confirm ones presence by e-mail: ovigny@sophia.startup.comAnd see the web site:

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