The next star Intel processors (VNUnet)

Posté mar 06/11/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

A 3 GHz Pentium 4, a Celeron Netburst, an ultra-performing and economical Banias, the general implementation of the 0.13 micron, the new Itanium generation… are the main new products which should be marketed by Intel for the year 2002”, announced Despite the most important slowdown ever registered by this industry, Intel has invested a lot this year: 7.5 billion dollars in research and development. This effort should carry on in 2002 (VNUnet is mentioning 4.5 billion dollars) but the first results will be visible by new ranges of products marketed for PCs, mobiles or servers. The overall Intel processors to come next year are mentioned in the following article: "Processors: Intel reveals its developments for 2002".

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