Nice Airport: the innovations for summer 2001

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There are a few new airlines apart from Bristol, Rotterdam and Oslo within the summer programme from the end of March. However, additional flights will run to Paris, Rome, Moscow, Amsterdam, and London via Stansted.

What's new in the summer programme which will be set up from the end of March on Nice French Riviera Airport? There are few new international flights planned. Apart from Bristol and Rotterdam as well as Oslo, for Scandinavia, (for Stansted, you have to consider that it is the London destination), Nice still keeps a network already well developed in particular through Europe. Compared to last year, flights to Prague won't run anymore since Air France, which was operating the flight with the Czechoslovakian company CSA preferred to relocate the flight from Lyon, in link with its regional hub.AOM and Air Liberté plan 24 daily flights for Paris.The situation will have to be reviewed concerning the reduction or withdrawal of flights considered by Air Littoral (the withdrawal of flights for Vienne and Rennes was announced as well as the reduction of flights for Toulouse). For Paris, AOM and Air Liberté announced the multiplication of daily flights up to 24 for Nice-Orly whereas Air France already strengthened its shuttle and should even go further. The fight of Paris has started...The arrival of Go Airways, a new 'low cost'However, the summer news is more exhaustive concerning the multiplication of flights already operating. The great innovation is the arrival of a new low cost company: Go Airways, a subsidiary owned by British Airways, the British company which doesn't accept the rise of Easyjet departing from Nice. Go will run daily on the Boeing 737-300, a Nice-Bristol flight from May 22nd as well as a link for London, via Stansted (from May 3rd).British Airways will compete with Alitalia for the Nice-Rome flight.It is also worth noting that, for an airline we didn't expect, the creation of a Nice-Rome flight by British Airways with two daily flights. This flight will be operated by National Jet Italia, in BAE 146 from April 10th. British Airways is obviously competing with Alitalia, the Italian company. This company counter-attacks, operating an additional daily flight. As a consequence, there are now four daily flights run by Alitalia for the Nice-Rome airline. Thus there will be six daily flights between Nice and Rome instead of the usual three. It is then doubling the flights.Moscow, Oslo, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.Easyjet, the rising company, still runs the Nice-Amsterdam flights created in January 2001. The 'low cost', which now sells mainly via the Internet, strengthens its fourth destination departing from Nice after Luton (North London), Geneva, and Liverpool. Other flights will also run to Moscow (four weekly flights in the summer with Aéroflot) and in Northern Europe with the new destination of Bratheens, Oslo (3 flights per week from April 25th with Boeing 737-800). Moreover, there will be an additional airline between Nice and Rotterdam which will run daily from April 12th with Transavia-Basiq Air, already operating to Amsterdam with two daily flights.Charters: Tel Aviv, Palma, Montreal and Toronto.Concerning the charter traffic, Tel Aviv is planned from the beginning of May until the end of October once a week, on Sunday, by the Marietton travel company (Lyon). FRAM and Plein Vert will create an airline for Palma on Saturday mid-June to September 15th. For Canada, charter flights will depart from Nice, to Montreal (from May 4th to October 15th) and Toronto (from May 11th to September 24th) with Nouvelles Frontières and Vacances Air Transat.

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