Nice: Art Jonction, digital thoroughly

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The 14th fair of present-day art, opened until Sept 18th, at Albert 1st garden, underlines cyber-art thanks to forums and shows…

Put off in May 2000, Art Jonction was opened on Thursday, Sept 14th at Albert 1st gardens, Place Masséna in Nice. This international fair of present-day art to which about 50 galleries are participating, which represent more than 400 artists will take place until Sept 18th. About 15,000 visitors are expected for the 2000 edition (14th edition, the first one was created in 1986) which is the symbol of modernity and digital arts.The very fast evolution of digital art, computer science and networks, supplies with new materials and new tools artistic creation. Which represent as many blank fields opened to creators. Thanks to Jean-Pierre Giovanelli's initiative, an artist loving technology and coming from the French Riviera, Art Jonction has organized three rounds of table around a large screen and a connection to the internet. 'I-Forum' and 'Art et nouvelles technologies' (arts and new technologies) will gather together key-figures from arts, culture and research fields, on themes like: practices and stakes of new technologies to serve art. Some artists who already launched into cyber world will be present, like Miguel Chevalier, Michel Rédolfi, Fred Forrest, Douglas Stanley…And of course, without forgetting, after techno works like pictures, videos and installations, the exhibition of a more classical art with paintings and sculptures. And remember that Nice is the base of a school which bears its name, a very important school for world modern art, and the second French market for art, after Paris…Information and contacts-on web site:, all the details, book signatures by the authors.-opening hours: 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m, with a night schedule, on Saturday, Sept. 16th until 10:00 p.m. (from 10:30 p.m. a 'technikart by night' night will begin at Art Jonction's).-entrance price: 40FF.-Hélène Jourdan-Gassin: public relationships and Press; Cynthia Aimé, Gilbert Gay: Press assistants; tel: (33) 0 493 96 01 00Fax: (33) 0 493 96 05 01E-mail:

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