Nice: Biomed Côte d?Azur in 2008

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Supported by the Doyen Patrick Rampal, this project aims at creating a real biology and health campus in Nice over a surface of 22.000 m2 which will be left by the Pasteur hospital.

The French Riviera has been to much often criticised for not having projects on the long run for the Biomed project defended by the Doyen of the Medical faculty, Patrick Rampal, not to be saluted. The term for this biology and health campus is between 2008 and 2010. The principle has been presented during a breakfast organized by the Sophia Antipolis Foundation and the Hi-Tech Club at the Médiathel of Sophia. In its reorganization, the Pasteur hospital will leave an important premises surface (22.000m2) early 2008. This is for Doyen Rampal a great opportunity that he has to work on as early as today.Indeed these premises will be used by the University of Nice to set up a university pole in biology and health, a pole which would also gather research laboratories and an incubator for start-ups linked to biological and medical activities. As in Munich which, in few weeks years, has been able to build a very strong medical pole in this field, the French Riviera could favour the birth a new competence pole.Some stages could provide a regular rise in popularity. First stage in 2002 with the strengthening of the pharmacological laboratory. Second stage in 2004, when the l’Archet 2 hospital will open elevated parking slots, around 5.000 m2 of premises, two third of which will dedicated to laboratories as the third is reserved to the hospital. The competition for an architect has been launched and the jury should decide next November 8th. This opening will be the opportunity to increase the volume of research in biology and health.But as early as today, a call is launched to create a working group which would gather institutional officials, entrepreneurs, public and private searchers. This group will have to define the best opportunities and to pilot the rise in popularity of the Biomed Nice Côte d’Azur project.

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