Nice : Completel Côte d'Azur is inaugurating

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The American operator, specialized in firm telecommunications, is working on two plans about local loops in optical fibres, in Nice and in Sophia Antipolis.

In June, on Wednesday 7th, at 11.00 am, in the Plaza Concorde hotel of Nice, the inauguration of Completel Côte d'Azur offers a further illustration of the telecommunication new scene, that has come out of deregulation. Particularly, it has widely committed itself on the PACA in the niche of high speed telecommunications for firms through two technologies : optical fibres and radio contacts.Settled in Sophia Antipolis, last March, Completel with Bouygues Télécom won the invitation to tender made by the regional Council late January 2000 for the project management of optical fibres allowing to serve the 1.200 firms of the technopole with high speed telecommunications. A 15 million franc amount will be invested by the departmental communities for the local loop in optical fibres, a loop that is made of a network of a total sheath of 15 to 20 km with manholes. The sheaths (from 20 to 25) will be hired out to telecom operators that will ask for them. About twelve operators (Completel, Bouygues Télécom, Cegetel, Alcatel, Skyline, Kaptech, Kast Telecom Europe, RSL Com, MCI, GTSO Omnicum and Dreyfuss Com) have already been authorized by the departmental authorities.Moreover, this year, Completel is likely to invest an amount up to 100 million francs in order to link Sophia Antipolis to Nice, where it is also likely to create a 50 km long local loop in optical fibres. At the time of the inauguration in Nice, Jérôme de Vitry, the CEO of Completel, and Guy Gensollen, the PACA regional director, have to talk about these plans.

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