Nice : Daewoo's union members pursue their former boss

Posté mar 06/03/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Three south-Korean union members of Daewoo Motor have made the trip to Nice in order to find their former boss. Kim Woo-Choong, in flight since late 1999, is accused by unions of having embezzled 142 million francs for personal aims. He would have stayed late September in a villa located in Nice's surroundings, avenue de fabron, a villa which belongs to a Daewoo France subsidiary, the Azur Soleil company. So, the three union members, who have been laid off a month ago along with other 1.750 employees of the bankrupt car firm, have done a demonstration on Saturday afternoon in front of the villa that they have declared to be 'property of Daewoo's workers'. As representatives of the CGT, the CFDT, of Sud PTT and of Attac have joined the demonstration, they have tried in vain to enter the property.The south-Korean demonstrators think that their former boss is responsible for the firm bankruptcy and they intend to keep on pursuing him until he's arrested. They have planned to cross Europe riding bicycles with posters rewarding $500 to the person that would allow Kim Woo-Choong to be arrested.

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