Nice: a good month of July though not exceptional

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The hoteliers' union did a first evaluation of tourism: the month of July is nearly equal to last year with a decrease in popularity of the four stars and a pressure for the three stars.

July was a good month. However, it wasn't as exceptional as we could expect: that's what mentioned in a first evaluation Michel Tschann, in charge of communication at Nice hoteliers' union. Thus if the tourist frequenting revealed to be high, it remained nearly equal to the one of last year.French and German clients are backThe characteristics of July 2000: a decrease of popularity for the four stars hotels, despite the fact that Russian clients are back; a high demand for the three stars (we will have to organize more prestigious events in Nice at summer time, suggests the union); confirmation of the presence of new clients (Israel, Turkey) and a few new ones coming (Chinese, Koreans in very small number); return of French and German clients.These new clients are interesting, mentions Michel Tschann, because they show that when a country is opening to tourism, the first destinations are the big capitals, and then, the French Riviera imposes itself as the second destination. Promotion efforts which were undertaken, particularly by Nice Tourist Office are then useful.Prospects for AugustThe same characteristics should prevail in August. The week-end of August 15th is promising to be very busy, with a lot of Italian clients in particular. Two trends are confirming: late bookings, therefore still with vacancies, for shorter stays; the need of an excuse to travel (festivals, casinos, evenings, museums, exhibitions, etc).According to Michel Tschann, the French Riviera however showed in July that it had kept all its attraction with, among others 'quality events that need to be developed again, renewed hotel facilities with a good quality-to-price ratio, a high adaptation to new technologies and world market needs'.Not to forget that Nice hoteliers face a trend which is getting more and more frequent: 'the season on the Riviera lasts all year long, and July and August are in facts months quieter than May, June and September.'

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