Nice : hello I-television

Posté ven 06/04/2001 - 00:00
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The channel will broadcast on Canal Satellite from November 4th. It will work like American style : small mobile team, digitally equipped, for covering the French Riviera.

The Canal+'s television channel, I-Television, will start broadcasting on November 4th on Canal Satellite. Still, a small team has already set up in Nice. A two-people team headed by Tatiana Vincent. The latter explains : 'This national vocation channel will leave a great place to regions. We will cover the whole French Riviera, from Menton to Hyères and we will broadcast very various topics from news item to culture and even sport, social matters, etc. The choice of the launching date will correspond to the 15 anniversary of Canal Plus. It will be the same principle as LCI. We work by time blocks of 15 mn with an all-pictured program during 4 mn, followed by 3 mn with the TV host and 6 mn dedicated to one or two reports. We are digitally equipped with editing tools which take up in a carrying case and we have a truck with a satellite antenna. So, we work like American style by broadcasting from this lab truck. This allows us to be very mobile and to report in live very often.'After the coming of M6 in September, which realizes a daily regional cutaway for 6 minutes of news, this is the second television channel to set up on the Riviera since the beginning of the year. What can widen the regional media scene...

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