Nice : how much is your start-up worth ?

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The appreciation of companies of the new economy : that is the theme of the IX Financial Meets which will take place on Friday April 27th at the Nice Arénas.

What is the value of companies of the new economy ? An important question. The uncertainty around securities which represent the most the new technologies seems to be a significant factor of the investors' euphoria at the very beginning. It was also as determinant in the backfire that occurred one year ago with the e-krach. That is why the DESS Financial engineering has chosen the theme of appreciation of companies in the new economy for its annual forum. This forum will take place on Thursday April 27th from 2.30 pm in the BPCA premises at the Nice Arénas.After the opening by Jean-François Comas, the general manager of the BPCA, the bank partner of the forum and by Jacques Spindler, the director of the DESS Financial engineering, a debate will be conducted by Benoît Maynard, a financial analyst at Natexis. It gathers financiers such as Marc Wauthoz, the general manager of the financial study company, Pierre Taillardat, the director of Sophia EuroLab, entrepreneurs from Sophia Antipolis such as Jena-Claude Vrignaud, the former CEO of Opt(e)way and consultants.Contributors will share their professional experience on the current state of markets and its consequences on the fund raising for companies, problems posed by prevision techniques in the appreciation, the intervention degree of investors. That will take some doing…ContactAnne-Marie Soussan, tel : 04 92 15 70 89, e-mail :

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