NICE: it chose the railway for the tram

Posté mer 05/04/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

Finally, Nice should choose the railway option rather than the tyre one, for its future tram. The committee that guides the project had a meeting on Thursday March 30th, and it was convinced by the previous studies. Whereas the tyre option was on the inside, it will be the railway that will be suggested to the town council, on April 28th. During that meeting, the permanent route of the northern areas of Nice will be also confirmed. The first phase of the work will deal with the building of a 8.5km line, connecting the northern and eastern areas. It should work in 2004. The cost was evaluated at 1.4 billion francs. In the end, it is planned to build a 26km way for the tram, on three lines.

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