Nice-Juan : the jazz war

Posté mer 11/04/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Will the jazz war take place this summer between Nice and Juan ? We have thought so for a few days, while the Nice municipal council has accepted to postponed the 'Nice-Jazz-Festival' for two weeks. Initially scheduled from 8th to 15th July, the former Jazz great parade will take place in the Cimiez arena from July 22nd to 29th. So, four days will overlap with 'Jazz in Juan', which will take place in the pinède Gould from July 16th to 25th. Of course, if Nice had maintained the dates, there would have been two evenings overlapping each other (July 15th and 16th). But now, four evenings will overlap, what has hardly been appreciated by Antibes which considers it as a break of a non-aggression pact.The reason for this change ? The disillusion of 'Nice-Jazz-Festival' of 1999, with an entry figure (less than 41.000, invitations included) which had never been so low since 1974. According to Michel Leeb, the event organizer with Béatrice Leeb, the dates has not been chosen properly : ahead of the high season, with a July 14th evening which has always been catastrophic as far as attendance is concerned. So, the competition is opened between Juan and Nice on the jazz front.

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