Nice: justice, company and Eric de Montgolfier

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Will the company executive always be the only one to pay for the faults of the system? It is one of the matters the CJD will deal with during a debate in the evening of February 14th at the Westminster hotel.

Justice and Company. Eric de Montgolfier and René Ricol. The two contributors of the next evening organised by the Centre of Young company Managers (CJD) in Nice French Riviera will be the district attorney in Nice who comes across really well in the media and the Patron of the Higher Council of public accountants and registered auditors. This event, which should be very popular, will take place on February 14th 2001 at 7.00 PM at the Westminster Hotel, 7 Promenade des Anglais in Nice.On this theme, "Justice and Company", the organisers wish to ask a few major questions. To which extent does the penalty of the economic sphere spread? Will the company executive be the only one to pay the faults of the system? How do the company's advisers and particularly public accountants and registered auditors can they help the company executive to make decisions? Is it difficult to avoid to overstep the mark when you daily manage a Small and medium-sized company?Moreover, the problem of the connection between the justice and the media will be dealt with. "Sometimes, judges call the public opinion to witness via the media, often to protect themselves from pressures, sometimes to be at the service of the justice, the CJD notes. He adds: but does the public opinion "makes" the justice? At the moment, the one who is part of the minority in the media isn't he finally legally wrong? This is a debate which should have a certain wit.Information and contactFabien PAUL, president of the C.J.D. Nice French Riviera; tel 04 93 83 91 23

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