Nice : the main orientations of the budget 2000

Posté ven 23/03/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

A global budget of 4.805 billion francs that is divided into 1.160 billion francs of investment and 3.645 billion francs of functioning : this is the amount of the budget project which has been presented to the Nice municipal council by the first deputy-mayor, Gilbert Stellardo, during the budgetary orientation debate. A budget 2000 which is decreasing (minus 2.7%) compared with the one of this year and which is characterized by a uniform fall of the local taxation (minus 2% for the four taxes). To notice is an increase of the investment budget : 655 million francs for works and acquisitions (237 million francs to major works and road system; 119 million francs for social educative and cultural interventions; 99 million francs for urbanism and economic development; 64 million francs for environment, etc.). This budget 2000 will be submitted to a vote next December 17th.

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