Nice: the second birth of Etexx through Texconnexion

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Resulting from the former marketplace, a team has been made around Frédéric Allard. Capitalizing on the know-how they have acquired, the team creates management software for the textile industry.

Web-surfers who have registered on the website of Etexx, a company which doesn’t exist any more, have all received an e-mail that indicated that “former members of Etexx have created Texconnexion,, a publisher of creation and Internet/Intranet Private plat-form management software for the textile industry.The lesson from the “market”When Etexx suddenly disappeared in the beginning of last June, many people were sad that the work that had been done and the experience were definitely lost because of a lack of financing. But a team resulting from the former marketplace has been rapidly created around Frédéric Allard, the former CEO, with the ambition of capitalizing on the know-how acquired by the company in two years.“Stopped last June, the Etexx history perfectly shows the difficulties experienced by some marketplaces born in the beginning of the “Internet Revolution”: the e-business solution, the most efficient answer to a global problem experienced by a traditional industry, did not manage to success on its own market,” it is explained in the announce of the new birth of Etexx through Texconnexion.“The market has taught us that time hasn’t come for big federal marketplaces but for private solutions set up and managed by customers” Frédéric Allard adds. “Texconnexion, a creator of software for the textile industry, is born from what we have learnt”.A first software for textile showsThe new start-up, which has become a software creator, thus launch the first software of a range, a software dedicated to textile shows. It allows users to create and manage a virtual show entirely editable by the show organiser which is the real “manager of his net-solution”. According to Texconnexion, the point of the offer is the simplicity.After several months dedicated to the creation of the product, Texconnexion now focuses on the marketing. In this company, the main advantage is the deep knowledge of the complex situation of an industry for which nobody has been able to generated so much value yet, the press release concludes.The Etexx “orphans will enjoy this come-back. Whilst all of those who have started an adventure in the new economy will be particularly interested in this second start of former members of Etexx. Contact:

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