Nice signs the purchase act of the southern train-station

Posté mar 11/04/2000 - 00:00
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An important stage in the project of the new town council at the place of the former southern station: the signature April 7 of the act of the transfer of the plots from the State to the city.

Friday, April 7, at 4:30 pm in the room of the Fresques of the real town council, the state will officially transfer to the city the plots of the former southern station. Jean-René Garnier, prefect of the Alpes-Maritimes and Jacques Peyrat, senator-mayor of Nice, will sign the tranfer act. This purchase is done thanks to the base of 83.5 MF, which takes in consideration the valuation of the Domaines. This investment was voted by the municipal council and budgeted in 1999.To have the land was an imperative mood to continue the project of the building of the new town council, a project whose amount reached 500MF. Over a 42,000m² ground are gathered together some 2,500 local employees, for the moment scattered in different places. The construction of a new town council in the premises of the former southern station will permit also to restructure all the district of the Libération.Thus, among the missions given to four groups of architects who are thinking over the file, we can find the integration of the town council into the place keeping in mind the way of the future tramway (Charles de Gaulle place will be one of the turntables). Another aspect must be mastered: the evolution of the market of Libération (it will be still there, but will be reorganized), treatment of building frontages, etc…And as far as the frontage of the southern station is concerned, even if it is not registered as an historic building, people in Nice are very attached to it and all or at least a part of the frontage should be kept.

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