Nice signs the Southern station conveyance

Posté mer 02/05/2001 - 00:00
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An essential step in the project of a new city hall on the place of the Southern station : on Friday April 7th, the signature of the deed of conveyance of grounds by the State to the city.

An important step in the construction of the new city hall in Nice on Friday April 7th : at 4.30 pm, in the salle des Fresques of the current city hall, the State will officially cede the grounds of the Southern station to the city. Jean-René Garnier, the Prefect of the Alpes-maritimes, and Jacques Peyrat , Senator-Mayor of Nice, will proceed to the signature of the deed of conveyance. This acquisition will cost 83.5 million francs according to the assessment of Les Domaines. This investment has already been voted by the municipal council and budgeted in the fiscal year 1999.The control of grounds was imperative for the project of building a new city hall to go on, a project which amount was up to 500 million francs. Over 42.000 m2, some 2.500 civil servants will be gathered together instead of being scattered in several places. The construction of a new city hall in the premises of the former Southern station, will allow as well to reorganize the whole Libération neighbourhood.Thus, among the missions that have been given to the four architect groups which are working on the case, you can find the integration of the city hall on the site by considering the line fo the future tramway (the Charles de Gaule place will one the hub). Other aspects to control : the future of the Libération market (it will be maintained but reorganized), the treatment of building frontages, etc. as far as the frontage of the Southern station is concerned, even if it is not classified, people from Nice are very attached to it and part or all of the frontage should be kept.

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