Nice : Those which do the new economy seen by L?Express

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The magazine has rewarded its “New economy Trophies”. Thirty start-ups have been selected while the fourth prizes were for Right Vision, Opt(e)way, Quescom and the Ceram.

The French Riviera “New economy Trophies” laureates ? Those which emerge the most from the great movement on the Riviera ? They are four : the Great Prize for Right Vision; the start-up prize for Opt(e)way; the e-biz prize for Quescom, and the initiative prize for the Ceram. This trophies are organized in the most dynamic cities in the province by L’Express in partnership with le journal du Net and under the sponsoring of Cegetel. Toulouse, Marseilles, Lyon, Lille, Strasbourg and Nantes have already been visited. In Nice, it will take place on April 11th at the Café des Arts and Radio Monte-Carlo associated to the operation.Start-ups selected on the French RivieraBy clearing this ground of job creations and abundance, we want to show all these initiatives which are very numerous all over France, it is written in l’Express edition of April 12th to 19th 2001 by presenting the Nice laureates (but you will also find the list of laureates and start-ups selected on the site of the magazine ). In Nice, we have selected 30 start-ups, but we could have shown you 60, even 120, since this industry, in the south as elsewhere, is very dynamic and innovating. And, among them, four have been rewarded with our New economy Trophies.”In the magazine or on the l'Express site,it is possible to consult the list of the other 26 companies selected, a list explained by a short article each time. The start-ups which have been selected : Aucland, Respublica, WebTime Medias ( editor), Azur.TV, Buying-partner, Cassiopay, Castify Networks, Wimba, Realviz, Dream-up. For the e-biz : Fly Création,,, Kast Telecom, Micromania, Europe Technologies, Sophia Euro Lab, Rom, Tequila Rapido, Etexx. For the initiatives : Club Sophia Start-up, Sophia Antipolis, Art-Culinaires, Artsophia, le health site, Vianice.A list balanced between technos and e-biz, those which have already raised funds and those which are starting. But as the organizers have written in the beginning, the ground on the Riviera is so rich that many other start-ups would have deserved to be listed among those which are doing the new economy on the Riviera. Activia, Viviance, UDcast, CommTimeCast, mPixel, Infobjects, Dust, not to quote everyone, only show one thing : the settlement of the new economy on the French Riviera. Despite the cold cast on Net start-ups…

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