Nice: a 'Web Art Jonction' with Sophia?

Posté lun 18/09/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

Put off in September, the present-day art international fair has increased the number of its visitors. Thus, the idea to organize two yearly meetings about digital arts, has appeared.

September is not a bad month! Christian Depardieu, general steward of Art Jonction, had been afraid that the putting off of the fair would be unprofitable. Art Jonction used to take place in May in Nice and a technical problem had obliged to cancel the meeting. But, with 4,700 visitors on the opening day and daily entrance figures which are higher than last year, September seems to be a good date.The idea has appeared to organize two annual meetings: one in May for more classical arts like painting and sculpture; and the other one in September for techno arts and photography. Jean-Pierre Giovanelli, who had launched three forums about digital arts, plans to organize real meetings about digital arts with online works, interactivity and all the new creativity fields, digital technologies allow.All the galleries which are working with new technologies would participate. This 'Web Art Jonction' could be done with Sophia Antipolis, which would have the advantage of putting in relation technicians specialists in computer science and artists. The project is pending…

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