Nice : the XXVI geophysics European congress

Posté ven 30/03/2001 - 00:00
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From Tuesday March 27th to Friday March 30th 2001 at Nice Acropolis, around 5.000 specialists in geophysics (geophysicists, geochemists and geologists) from 70 countries, take part to the 26th European geophysical society congress. Furthermore, this event should come back to Nice until 2004. On top of the agenda, around thirty conferences. Among the subjects that will be tackled, you can find the global warming as well as more technical subjects like the earth's crust geophysics, hydrological sciences, atmosphere and oceans, natural disasters, palaeoclimatology, and of course, a very strong theme at the moment, 'resources and the environment'.ContactHere is the Internet site of the organizing society, EGS : /">

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