the Riviera of the third millennium

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Launched by an English photographer, Ralph Hutching, a “City mag” on paper and a website which renews the image of Nice and the French Riviera. An interesting “urban explorer”.

On the paper, it is called Nice&You and on the Web, /"> However, in both cases, the aim is the same: bring a new esthetical and modern image on Nice and the Riviera. The result is surprising: a French Riviera like a dream which knew how to link the Mediterranean light, tradition and modernism. More than through the text, Ralph Hutchings and Franck Follet’s pictures and the way they are mounted with an art of the perspective are impressive.The magazine, as the website, is divided in seven headings: the Riviera; the heart and soul of the city; discover the region (30 minutes away); exceptional hotels, fine dining, beaches, fashion parade. This could be another common tourist guide but it isn’t since the quality of pictures, the page layout, the printing, the colours as well as the originality and diversity of the subjects renew the usual tourist guides.The urban explorer knows how to picture the front of a shop in the old town, as well as a sculpture, a detail of a window, the light on the Cours Saleya, an artist’s workshop, the curbs of the architecture, the design of a hotel, and those small details that makes the charm of a place. He has found music for these places, for each heading, which is the most difficult thing to do: the light, colours, magic, the delicate alchemy of the Riviera.Launched in collaboration with the city of Nice and the Tourist and Congresses Office, this “City mag” and its address book make the city attractive. It doesn’t only make you dream but it introduces the French Riviera of the third millennium with its past, present and future. The Riviera is even more young and pretty… and more photogenic than ever.ContactNice&You, 47, chemin de la Maure, 06800 Cagnes-sur-mer; tel : +33 (0)4 92 12 96 03

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