NicOx manages to increase its capital

Posté mer 13/06/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

NicOx, a start-up from Sophia Antipolis, listed on the stock exchange, has managed to increase the capital despite harsh economic conditions. Even if the low range has been involved since the company has risen 55.4 million euros by selling 870.000 new shares for a price of 68.20 euros. The high “range” expected 1.000.000 shares for a price of 68.10 euros. Taking the operation expenses into account, the result was 63.94 million euros to finance development and research (NicOx is specialized in the development of medicines using characteristics of nitric oxide). As well, some investors have benefited from this capital increase to get out of it. Thus, 150.000 shares have been sold out for 68.20 euros.Tuesday May 29th, the company has also declared that “as a complement of the share offer of 1.02 million ordinary shares achieved on May 21st, the financial institutions in charge of the distribution have decided to execute the whole option they have been allotted by some shareholders in order to cover some possible over-allocations. This option states the acquisition of 153.000 supplementary shares for a price set at 68.20 euros by share.”

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