Nimda attacks: alert message from the Data Base Forum

Posté ven 21/09/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The connection problems that some websites are experiencing since the beginning of the week are not due to the site nor to the hosting but to the network overloading caused by the massive attack of the virus, the Data Base Forum signals. The DBF knows what it’s about. They have suffered from the attacks of the new virus Nimda ("Virus : Nimda has hit Sophia"). The association which gathers users of Data Bases of the French Riviera notes that the problem is huge and that “we are actually experiencing a situation crisis.”So, a message has been put on the Net. Here it is:“You have noticed some connection problems on the Data Base Forum website. The virus/worm NIMDA is causing very serious troubles to us as to many others. 90% of our hosting service is operational but some problems could still occur:>Slowdown of the traffic>Impossible to access IP addresses which are under attacks>Brief services stopped in order to block the new sources of attacksIt seems that the situation is stabilizing and attacks are countered rapidly everywhere on Internet.We suggest you to read the following article to know further about it: some access providers are struggling with several difficulties caused by NIMDA and some of them are working very slowly, which could caused Internet access difficulties directly linked to your access provider.Since September 18th, our server blocks all the addresses which are sources of attacks. We have set up scripts which scan requests and which block the IPs address sources as soon as there is an attack. Consequently, our server could block the WEB access to your computer (if your IP address looks like an address which is an attack source), particularly, if your Ip address begins with “216” or “128” which are the IP classes which are the most intense attack sources.A few articles in French taken from the Web and especially in Alerte à NIMDA en Corée du SUD- Des dizaines de milliers d'ordinateurs infectés par NIMDA- NIMDA le virus encore plus méchant- Des dizaines de milliers de sociétés européennes infectées- NIMDA, le raz-de-marée du premier virus transmissible (entre autre) par le WebIf you are not yet registered to the Clubs Day of September 28th, just connect on If there is no instantaneous access, please try later. We are doing as much as we can to make the situation stabilized.”

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