No info on .info (Libération)

Posté ven 31/08/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

This is failed. The opening of a “.info”, the first of the new extensions launched on the market of domain names, has not started the construction of an information web. Libération, in "Zéro info sur .info", notes that “the 50.000 address reservations recorded have been essentially done by companies” which actually don’t want to loose their name and which prefer to take up their “.info”. Even if they simply “activate” it by re-orienting it to their “.com” address. Thus, they have benefited from the priority granted to trademarks to be well prepared in “.info” as they intend to do for “.bizz” (this pre-reservation period came to an end on Monday August 27th). A “ticket” against cyber-squatting.For the “.info”, as soon as September 12th, it will be the gold rush: “private persons will be allowed to ask for any address left. And the one who will arrive first will be the first to be served…”. Far from calming the speculation down, new extensions have actually broadened the market of domain names, Liberation thus notes. If you want to know who has reserved in “.info”, click on the site of the Afilias consortium, the private operator which has been authorized to manage the “.info” domain.

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