No worry for employment of executives (

Posté mar 11/09/2001 - 00:00
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Employment of executives will remain strong in 2001 despite a slowdown of recruitment progression compared to 2000 which was an exceptional year”, you can read on which quotes a study of the Association of employment of executives (Apec) published yesterday. At the national scale, the offering level forecast for the whole year 2001 remains very high”, the Apec considers by expecting “88.000 offers for the press, that is to say the same level as in 1999, one of the record year in the decade” and “140.000 offers for the Apec, that is to say a level which has never been reached until now”. The article, entitled "Pas de souci pour l'emploi des cadres" notes that although there are a lot of demands for each post in general managing, communication or administration-management, information technologies are still apart with a very low candidature number: only 4 by post.

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