Nortel: plans to cut staffs off in France

Posté mar 04/09/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Today, on Monday September 3rd, according to Le Monde, Nortel France staff committee should examine the direction plan to cut staffs off (see article "Le canadien Nortel pourrait supprimer environ 800 emplois en France"). Indeed, last June 15th, the telecom manufacturer announced a worldwide drastic layoff plan (30.000 jobs lost, a third of staffs). In Europe, the number of layoffs should be up to around 6.000, but the detail, country by country, has not been given. The figure of 800 jobs lost in France over a total of 7.700 late 2000, has been put forward by Le Monde, but has been confirmed by the direction. A French plan in which Sophia Antipolis is particularly interested since Nortel counts around 300 employees in there.

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