Nouvel Observateur : Monaco S.A.

Posté mer 10/01/2001 - 00:00
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Monaco independent ? Neither France, nor Monaco would be well advised to. They don't want to break open the piggy bank…Le Nouvel Observateurwrites down, its in November 9th edition, about the conflict between Monaco and France. A report is published on the theme of /"> 'Monaco : la ville dont le PDG est un prince'. Such a report describes, always with this exasperating look from Paris onto the south, Monaco S.A., the first employer of the region with Sophia Antipolis. Everything begins with a fiction scene : France 'blockades' the Rock, a night of the Rose Ball, in March 2001. The rest of the article is a description of the Monegasque new economy which increase in popularity has been reached with a great reinforcement of the banking place which is today the main point of the debate with France.Many points are not mentioned (such as the 35 hours law in Monaco, the cancellation of what deals the 'law of 1948' for the ancient accommodations which risks to hit the 'little French people' of Monaco, the great evolutions of tomorrow's Principality, etc.). You won't find any revelations either. Even about the banking activity. To read for a short quick walk in the economy of the Principality, from outside…

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