Occupation : the 35 hour law sets the Principality on fire

Posté mer 07/03/2001 - 00:00
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More than three thousand employees have made a demonstration on Tuesday December 1st in order to protest against the bill that will be presented in a two week time before the National Council.

Since 1994 and the movement of social protestation against the reduction of the repayment rate, Monaco had never seen such a union mobilization. On Wednesday December 1st, called by the USM (Union des Syndicats de Monaco; Union of Monaco's trade unions, which gather unions of about thirty activity branches), more than three thousand employees have done demonstration to protest against the way the Principality intends to implement the 35 hour law.A motion has been voted to oppose the 35 hour bill that have to be presented to the National Council, the Monegasque Parliament, in a two week time. This text, according to the motion, 'transforms in a fundamental way the concept of working time favourable to the employers who are denouncing or are about to denounce the collective agreements, who go against the application laws, who refuse to conclude the signing and are outlaw as far as minimum wages are concerned.'The Monegasque bill intends to keep the legal working length up to 39 hours, as well as the wage law (the hour minimum wage cannot be inferior to the minimum wage of the corresponding French professional branches). But employers will be allowed to reduce the working length if they wish so and to take the measures that seem to be the most favourable in the branch agreements negotiated in France. As well, unions protest against the 'social deregulation', ask for '35 hours paid as 39' as in France and denounce the 'irruption of flexibility and cancellation'.It has to be noticed that the Monegasque employer federation is not favourable, neither, to this bill and asks for a status quo during three years. Read in Libération /www.liberation.fr/quotidien/semaine/991127samv.html"> La version Grimaldi de la loi Aubry. How does Monaco, whose labour market is common with the Alpes-Maritimes, intend to adapt to reduction of working hours ?

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