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Posté jeu 13/09/2001 - 00:00
Par admin dedicates a series of articles to the dramatic American events covered by French medias principally. In "Un site de news sur deux inaccessible pendant les événements", the online newspaper of advertisement and medias, gives the results of a survey about information sites which have been stormed by French people between 3.00 pm and 6.00 pm. Conclusion: "at the top of news sites which were available during the event, Les Echos (90% of success), Nomade (90%), M6 (80%) and Canal and Le Figaro (70%). On the contrary, the low score of TF1 and Libération (10% of success) and 0% for RTL. As far as foreign sites are concerned, Lycos has a 100% of success, before MSN (90%), Yahoo (85%)." The New York Times websites was almost inaccessible. This is totally understandable as the site has been invaded by New-Yorkers.As well, some elements about television covering: we see that, at the top, TF1 has generated an audience share of 44.8% between 3.00 pm and 9.35 pm, gathering more than 11.3 million TV viewers in prime-time". As far as newspapers and magazines are concerned, they have generated as much circulation as what they do the day after a presidential election in France. Thus, according to, more than 4 million copies of dailies have been supplied yesterday by publishers, as against an average of 2 million for a traditional Wednesday. The circulation has increased by 200% for Le Monde, by 100% for Le Figaro, while some magazines had brought the releasing date forward in order to provide information that everybody was looking for considering such events.

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