Online music: « Beale Screamer » challenges Microsoft (Le Figaro)

Posté jeu 25/10/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

"Beale Screamer" has really challenged the computer giant Microsoft in the sell of online music. This computer hacker, whose name comes from the movie « Network », has managed to break the protection made by Microsoft and which is supposed to guarantee a payment access to PressPlay, the online music selling plat-form set up by Sony and Vivendi Universal. Le Figaro, deals with this incredible story in the article "Les pirates ont brisé Pressplay". A story which could be the basis of a thriller dealing with a battle between competitive plat-forms in a giant emerging market.In this case, the hacker has not just break the Windows Media DRM code (Digital Right Management), the norm that Microsoft has set up in order to guarantee the copyrights on any kind of multimedia files, musical ones as audio-visual ones. On the Net Free me , he has published a small program which allows web surfers to do the same and to access to the musical library without subscribing. So, the case is an important one, up to a point that shareholders of the plat-form could plan to postpone the official release of PressPlay, a release which was planned for December. The article also mentions the fact that this delay “would be an advantage for the competitive project, MusicNet, born of the alliance between AOL-Time Warner, EMI, BMG and Real Networks.

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