The open source as an economic alternative (Transfert)

Posté jeu 30/08/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Well, the advice is not necessarily objective. The interview published by Transfert, under the title "The open source became a real economic alternative" written by Colin Tenwick, who is the vice-president for Europe, Middle-East, Africa, south-east Asia at Red Hat. This company is the American leader in market open source software. However, within its vision of the market, you have to remind this growing trend to get Linux in large companies. This trend is even going to be accelerated by the crisis. If the needs in computers are still growing, however, budgets are tightening, and the unbeatable quality-price ratio of the open source is a convincing argument. Its easy adaptation for embedded systems on mobiles is another trend which should ensure the expansion of Linux, according to Colin Tenwick. The company is likely to reach another huge market…

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