Palm Computing : It asserts itself as the European bridgehead in Montpellier

Posté mar 04/07/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

Palm Computing Europe decided to strengthen its Research and Development Centre in Montpellier and to make it its bridgehead to conquer the European market. The decision came up when Smartcode Technologies was taken up by 3 Com (the parent company of Palm Computing), in February 1999. Thus, the start-up from Montpellier, that was already the global leader in the supplying of Palm Pilot applications, has become the centre of software development of the group in Europe, for all the things that are linked to the wireless area. In the last twelve months, the staff grew from about 30 to 70 people, and it should go on increasing twofold, by three years. It is a thriving operation for the high-tech south, while the mobility market is booming.

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