Palm : E-acute launches « Défi Octave » (Octave?s challenge)

Posté lun 14/08/2000 - 00:00
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E-acute, the Sophipolitan start-up has begun to market its rapid writing system on Palm Pilot. “Octave”, which is on the market from 169 francs, on web sites dedicated to purchase, like for instance, is composed by a little star-form mask which must be implanted at the beginning of the Palm, with a software for information management. The software allows to accelerate data registration. People have to use a pencil and touch the star notches and each notch with a symbol corresponds to 3 or 4 letters, and a dictionary puts together again the words as it is common on some very recent cellular phones.The firm founded by Tim Scanlan wants to prove that its system is even most efficient than the one used on cellular phones. Octave had already permit a first record : enter 126 words in a minute. To test the rapidity a competition has been launched at the beginning of August : « le défi Octave » (Octave’s challenge). Competitors will have to tape as fast as possible a sentence by Paul Eluard : « On a pu penser que l’écriture automatique rendait les poèmes inutiles. Non : elle augmente, développe seulement le champ de l’examen de conscience poétique, en l’enrichissant ». The competition is planned until september 15th. Palm IIIc will be won. For further information :

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